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How does inkjet sublimation transfer paper technology adjust the amount of ink?

In the process of inkjet sublimation transfer paper technology, the ink needs to pay attention to the adjustment amount to make the color reach a certain degree. The special color tone of the ink is the same as that of ordinary inks, but the color of sublimation transfer ink printed on sublimation paper and transferred to fabric is different, so we need to use the sublimation printing paper technology to transfer to Look at the color on the fabric and fine-tune it.

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However, our products need to be generally used in various adjustments. Pay attention to the following points:

1. Generally, it is determined to use light-colored ink as the basic ink and then add other inks. The sublimation paper technology needs to make good use of this to adjust the amount of ink so as not to be too much.

2. When preparing inks, gradually add dark inks. Do not add too much at one time to avoid remedy with a lot of light inks.

3. When the hue is close to the color sample, the thermal transfer should be carefully added with ink, especially for those dark inks and inks with a low proportion. We must be good at applying the mutual relationship of primary 
colors, inter-colors, and complementary colors.

4. When there is color deviation, the ink with the closest hue should be selected. If the red is not yellow enough, gold red or orange red should be selected, and yellow ink cannot be easily added.

5. When using this sublimation paper roll technology, you need to pay attention to the effect of adjusting the viscosity of each item on the ink color.

6. We must deeply understand the effect of the thickness of the ink layer on the color depth.

7. Take the wet sample of the standard color ink and mark it. It can be used as the standard reference wet sample when the ink is blended next time. In the preparation of ink, the side-by-side proofing with the color development 
wheel is advantageous for comparison, but it is necessary and because the samples are wet, the accuracy will be higher.

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8. Dye sublimation paper technology takes into account the characteristics of post-processing. For example, if the printed product needs varnishing, you can choose a general ink. If you choose an ink with good abrasion resistance, not only the cost is high, but also the varnishing effect.

9. The same kind of mixed, the more mixed varieties, the darker the color. And our sublimation printer paper technology needs to be able to use primary ink and never use magenta ink, thermal transfer can use magenta ink 3and never use multicolor ink.