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About second-hand digital printer, what do you think about choosing it?

When many friends choose to buy or digital printers, they tend to budget for second-hand photo machines or inkjet printers. Although the selection of second-hand printing equipment is a small investment, it often causes a lot of inconvenience. The following will serve as a reference for everyone when choosing a used machine or inkjet printer.

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With the rapid development of the advertising industry and increasingly fierce competition, inkjet printers or photo printers have become one of the indispensable tools for advertising companies and small and medium-sized advertising stores in advertising inkjet paintings. Photo machine is your tool to make money. On the one hand, it can strengthen your advertising company's own strength and bring convenience to your advertising production. On the other hand, in the competition, you can earn more profits by investing at low cost. Especially in today's business environment, some start-up companies have to consider cost recovery. Without their own equipment, they can't join the competition in this industry. Therefore, it is a matter of course to choose a second-hand-written device.

In the past, the prices of inkjet printers and photo machines have always been high, especially before domestic photo machines did not appear. The prices of imported photo machines were relatively high, not the equipment that is generally easy to be introduced by small and medium advertising companies and shops. In production, most of them carry out advertising inkjet printout with outsourcing. Therefore, a part of the profit of the order business is earned by the outsourced inkjet printing company.

In the case of higher equipment prices, it is undoubtedly a good idea to choose second-hand digital textile printer equipment. However, if the price of domestic photo machines is so affordable today, you can still choose a brand new domestic photo machine. Why? Although the second-hand real device is cheap, many second-hand devices have reached a certain service life, or the setting has passed the warranty period given by the manufacturer. If there is any problem in use, it may be a headache to repair. Moreover, in the domestic advertising printing equipment market today, the price of domestic photo machines is not high, the new general price ranges from more than 20,000 to 3-4 million yuan, and the price is not much worse than the used equipment. The functions are also complete. Printing The effect and printing speed are good. Another thing is that the new equipment also enjoys the warranty service provided by the manufacturer.

However, if you are still insisting on choosing a two-handwritten real machine, the following points can be referred to:

1. Correctly select the nozzle. In the selection of the nozzle, we must pay attention to the choice. At present, the price of the nozzle is a large proportion of the entire machine. The quality of the pictures sprayed by a machine depends largely on the nozzles of the printer.

2. Choose a brand and choose a good brand machine. Regardless of the quality of the machine itself or after-sales considerations, a good brand machine is a good choice.

3. The selection of machine components, the most important thing is to see if the main parts of the machine are available and can work normally. This aspect will not bring you great inconvenience in the future use process.

4. Select a dealer. To say that the machine is not bad, it is basically impossible, more or less, some problems will occur. This requires your dealer to provide accessories and after-sales service. Otherwise, your machine is broken and cannot be resolved, then your machine is equivalent to a pile of scrap iron.

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The above items, everyone can pay attention to, you can choose the correct second hand digital printing machine for you may have some reference value. However, again, if users are not too concerned about low-cost investment, it is recommended to choose a brand new photo machine.