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Advertising inkjet eco-solvent printer-the relationship between its accuracy and viewing distance

In the printing of advertisements, the advertising inkjet eco-solvent printer is our indispensable printout device. When choosing and buying a photo machine, many users will pay attention to the number of prints in the photo 
machine parameters. What is the relationship between the accuracy in advertising printing and the distance we watch?

Advertising inkjet eco-solvent printer

Regarding the choice of the eco-solvent printing machine, we can first choose its printing accuracy to see if the accuracy meets your printing requirements. How do we understand the printing accuracy of the photo machine? The accuracy we are talking about here generally refers to absolute accuracy, that is, the accuracy of this picture. In fact, the visual accuracy of the human eye is relative accuracy. This concept seems difficult to understand. For example, a picture with a precision of 360 * 360 viewed at a distance of 50cm is the same as a picture of 36 * 36 viewed at a distance of 5m. In fact, to the human eye, the accuracy that can be seen is inversely proportional to the distance. For example, when you look at a photo at close range, you can see a wrinkle such as the thickness of hair. At 5m, you may only be able to see Seeing the thickness of the chopsticks, I believe that everyone has watched the oil paintings. If you look at the pieces of color closely, you will see a perfect artwork in the distance.

In our advertising design, it is known to designers that the higher the image accuracy, the larger the image file. For example, in cmyk mode, the size of a file of 2m * 2m and 200dpi is about 900MB. The design size of a standard outdoor single column screen is 6m * 18m. In Photoshop, the maximum accuracy is set to 127dpi, so the image file size is about 2GB The actual production is generally around 22dpi. For an image with a precision of 22dpi, there is no big difference between a 200dpi and 600dpi photo printer and an inkjet printer to output the effect. The higher the accuracy, the more ink dots are required. For example, we print a hair-like image and spray it out, and hang it a few meters away.

Another interesting phenomenon is that when viewing the same picture at a longer distance, the viewing effect of low precision is better than high precision, especially the picture level is good. We used the same picture to output in the photo machine, and viewing it from a few meters away can verify this phenomenon.

Eco-solvent printer

Through these brief descriptions of digital printer, we can simply understand the relationship between the accuracy and viewing distance in this advertising spray painting.