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Photo machine-how to solve the problem of pulling lines on print head?

What is the state of the color line or color block on the print head of the photo machine? Because there are many causes, we talk about each:

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Reason 1: Related to auxiliary equipment.

If there is a lack of ink in the entire nozzle of large format digital printer or between multiple consecutive spray points. The main reasons for pulling the line are that the nozzle does not spray or the ink supply is insufficient, and the negative pressure is unstable, which causes the nozzle to hang ink. Most of them are caused by the malfunction of the nozzle circuit board or the negative pressure pump and ink supply pump. The abnormality can be eliminated by replacing the corresponding circuit board card, replacing the negative pressure pump, eliminating the defoaming failure or increasing the frequency of the defoaming pump, increasing the frequency of the ink supply pump, and periodically replacing the filter.

Reason two: Related to feathering.

Generally, it is a solid line or white line arranged along the nozzles in an equally spaced direction. When printing the state diagram of the nozzles, it can be observed that the splicing positions overlap, space or feathering is not good. This type of pull line check and adjustment belt works normally, adjust the nozzle transfer position or adjust feathering to solve the problem. It should be noted that in the case of printing different grayscale graphics, the degree of feathering required at the same transfer position may be different.

Cause three: It is related to the blocking point.

It is usually a "white line" at a fixed position in a certain color channel. In severe cases, there are multiple lines. There are many reasons for blocking points. For example, due to operation and environmental factors, the product may have uneven ink shake; dust and other impurities brought in during the ink refilling process; cleaning and cleaning of the nozzle is not standardized; environmental dust adheres to the nozzle; Impurities such as ink or glaze. Ink and equipment: ink settling and agglomeration to form individual fake particles; individual ink sediment particles adhering to the pipe wall in the ink pipe after long-term operation or cleaning of the ink pipe fall off; filter quality is not good; ink supply pump, circulation Fine impurities caused by abrasion of pumps, stirring devices, etc .; some inkjet nozzles' ink supply method does not have circulation, which may cause ink deposits at the exhaust end of the nozzles. The pull line of the plugging point is usually squeezed and cleaned in order; wipe the print head with a dust-free cloth moistened with cleaning liquid; adjust the ink supply of the print head and reverse the flushing of the ink discharge tube; increase the print voltage of the print head to continuously print high grayscale images ; Remove the spray head and separate it by special cleaning and other means.

Cause four: Related to bubbles.

It appears as a pull line that is not fixed or significantly improved after squeezing and cleaning. The main causes of air bubbles in the nozzle are the incomplete exhaust of newly added ink, air leakage points in the ink circuit, insufficient ink supply leading to residual air bubbles in the ink circuit, insufficient opening of the defoaming pump, and large negative pressure of the nozzle leading to inhalation. The nozzle nozzle hole wear becomes larger or there is perforation leading to air intake, the nozzle nozzle ink tube does not discharge bubbles and so on. Find out the specific cause of the air bubbles, and eliminate the corresponding faults; increase the number of times of squeezing and cleaning to eliminate the air bubbles inside the print head.

Reason five: Related to dark bricks.

When the color of the brick is extremely dark, there will be a phenomenon that the ink consumption of the large-area high-grayscale image exceeds the ink supply capacity of the ink path, which may easily cause occasional lack of ink in the individual nozzle area of the ink of the excessive color. You can reduce the inkjet speed by reducing the frequency of incoming bricks; if necessary, adjust the color design of the artwork; the inkjet for microcirculation ink supply can be improved by temporarily reducing the opening of the circulation pump.

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The above 5 kinds of digital textile printers are for your reference. Welcome to add new problems and new solutions at any time.