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The online computer of digital textile printer should keep enough running space

Many users when using a computer to print online, sometimes feel that the printing speed of the digital textile printer has become very slow, or the computer operation and running during printing will have no effect on the program and the software will send data slowly.

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There are two reasons for these situations: The first is that the computer itself has a low configuration and runs slowly. The second is that the online computer system of the photo machine is faulty or the remaining space of the computer system disk is insufficient and there is not enough data cache space.

For the operation of the digital printing machine, if the computer hardware configuration is low, it is recommended that users equip the photo machine with a high-performance online computer. At present, the price of desktop assembly computers in the computer market is not high, and the online computer with relatively good performance can fully meet the online use of the photo machine.

If the computer configuration is not low, if the computer runs and the printer prints slowly when the printer is online, you can consider whether there is a problem with the computer operating system. For example, the destruction of the operating system by computer viruses and malicious Trojans causes the computer to run slowly. It also directly affects the slowness when the online computer sends data to the photo machine. On the other hand, check if the computer operating system has enough free space for the software to process and send the image frame data buffer space. Under normal circumstances, at least 10G or more free space must be kept in the computer system disk to ensure sufficient temporary buffer space for image data. In addition, many users are accustomed to saving many image files on the desktop, so long-term file accumulation can take up a lot of system space. Or the temporary garbage cache files left after the application is running. These useless files occupy system space, which makes the computer run out of free space, which causes the computer to run slowly, and the transfer between data and the photo machine also appears to be slow, which affects the normal printing speed of the photo machine.

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In order to better leave more running space for the online computer of the large format inkjet printer, here are some suggestions for you: The first is to timely organize the image files that are usually printed on the computer desktop of the photo machine. Transfer files from the desktop to other disks, save and place them in categories. Do not store too many files with too large capacity on the desktop, and develop a good file habit. The second is that you can clean up the temporary files on the C drive of your computer in your free time, such as manually deleting the system temporary files. Before installing professional garbage cleaning software, users can manually clean up the temporary garbage files. Select the Start> All Programs> Accessories> Run menu command. Enter the deanmgr command in the Open text box and press Enter to confirm. The "Disk Cleanup: Drive Selection" dialog box pops up. Click the down button under "Drive", select the disk partition that needs to be cleaned from the temporary files in the pop-up menu, and automatically calculate and clean up the disk garbage. There is also the use of some related computer security tools, usually during computer idle time will automatically help you clean up system junk files, or manually click to scan the system junk files and clean up. In this way, you can quickly and easily clear up the remaining space for your photo machine online computer, and make your computer run more smoothly, and the photo machine prints faster.