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Regarding inferior sublimation ink, don't ignore the loss caused by choosing it

Sublimation inkis the main printing consumable. The quality of the ink directly affects the service life of the photo machine and the color effect of the printed image. Therefore, photo machine users must use high-quality original ink with high fluency or high-quality ink specified and recommended by the manufacturer.

Sublimation ink

The use of high-quality sublimation transfer ink can not only make the image printed by the photo machine have a high degree of color reproduction, it is not easy to cause too much color difference with the original picture, minimize the color cast of the print output, lack of color, and blank lines in the image. The high-quality and original inks are strictly color-corrected by professional engineers to ensure that the printout of the photo machine provides a higher degree of reproduction, so that the printout image of the photo machine is clearer and more colorful.

On the other hand, the use of high-quality original ink can better protect the use of the photo machine. It is not easy to break the ink, and it is not easy to block the print head. It maintains better fluidity in the ink supply pipeline, ensuring an uninterrupted and continuous ink supply between the ink cartridge of the photo machine and the print head. Better protection of the nozzle, greatly reducing the probability of nozzle clogging, making the nozzle longer.

At the same time, using the original ink of the photo machine manufacturer can also enjoy the professional after-sales service of the photo machine manufacturer. Users should not choose because of the low price of inferior ink, this will often result in small losses, and the loss caused by using inferior ink will be greater.

Sublimation ink

As we all know, the use of low-quality sublimation pritner ink is very harmful to the print head. If the print head is damaged, it will not only affect the printing effect, but also increase the operating costs of the business and damage to the printer equipment. If you buy inferior ink because the price is cheap and cause serious damage to the equipment, the loss will be even greater. Because the photo machine manufacturer has a statement of use, the use of non-manufactured original inks cannot enjoy the after-sales service provided by the manufacturer. The damage to the photo machine caused by the use of other inks lies with the user, so that the use of the product cannot be guaranteed . Therefore, remind the users of photo machines, be sure to buy the official ink designated and recommended by the photo machine or use the original machine ink manufacturers.