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Mutoh inkjet printer is more suitable for high-precision indoor photo printing

The stable performance and wide application of Mutoh inkjet printers are welcomed by users. In addition to the application of outdoor advertising inkjet painting, indoor high-definition inkjet painting also attracted much attention. Mutoh photo machine indoor photo inkjet painting has more satisfactory results.

Mutoh inkjet printer

The production cost of indoor inkjet photo is more affordable than that of outdoor inkjet photo, and the price of water-based ink consumables is cheaper than outdoor eco-solvent ink. At the same time, in terms of machine use and maintenance, indoor photo machines are easier to maintain than outdoor photo machines.

Indoor photo printing requires higher printing accuracy of the digital textile printer. Since indoor photos are mostly indoor environments and viewed at close distances, indoor photo screens need clearer picture frames to support them. For example, our common indoor photo-adhesive posters, light box film advertising printing, corporate culture slogan panel printing, X exhibition stand, roll up, pull net exhibition stand, portrait bracket printing, engineering effect drawing, oil painting decorative painting, frameless painting, These are the common indoor photo advertising prints, and the indoor adhesive photo prints are colorful.

Mutoh digital printing machine can reach 1440dpi printing accuracy, large-capacity continuous ink supply system, dual four-color printing, using unique wave printing technology, can avoid the generation of PASS channels, and is more suitable for indoor photo printing printouts. We have various sizes of printers, users can choose. Mutoh indoor photo printer has higher printing quality and faster printing speed, which makes the printing quality perfect.

Digital printer

Indoor photos are also widely used in store product advertising, indoor shopping mall decoration, light box advertising, wedding photography, poster posters, display panels, paintings of engineering and gardens, digital albums, hanging banners, adhesive labels, art photos, antique oil painting , Window advertising and many other fields. The combination of a wide range of applications and high-precision and stable Mutoh indoor photo machines can bring more business opportunities and profits for businesses.