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When using dye-sublimation printer ink, you should consider environmental protection issues

As the demand for dye sublimation printer ink continues to increase, the widespread application in various industries has also accelerated the rapid development of piezoelectric photo machines. However, with the rapid   development of photo machines, we need to seriously consider the environmental protection issues and the waste ink disposal of photo machines.

Dye sublimation printer ink

In the daily work of the photo machine, we should also pay attention to its detailed work issues while using it, especially in maintenance and upkeep, we must treat every small work carefully. In particular, the main consumable ink in the photo machine is a problem. In normal use, pay attention to the smoothness between the inks. If it is not smooth, disconnection will occur. If the overall coordination of the relationship between the characters after the disconnection affects the effect of the image screen after the photo machine prints the picture.
However, waste sublimation transfer ink is also generated during the use of the photo machine, including the ink remaining after the head flashes during printing, and the ink extraction and scraping of the head after the head returns to the ink stack. Nozzle moisturizing and cleaning processes will generate related waste ink. This series of operations is also to better ensure the smoothness of the printing ink of the photo machine, the patency of the ink and the nozzle, and to ensure that the ink does not block the nozzle.

Sublimation ink

In the current situation, we cannot recycle and reuse the waste sublimation printing ink problems caused by photo machines. However, as for the environmental protection of ink, we are vigorously promoting the theme of environmental protection. In terms of ink research and development, researchers continue to work hard to innovate and achieve environmental protection. For the oily inks of the previous inkjet printers, not only produced a great odor during the printing process, but also a certain amount of pollution to the environment. Today's photo inks and outdoor inks all use weak solvent inks, and the relevant formula ingredients have passed the nationally specified indicators to achieve green environmental protection, and better to achieve perfect printing results. It can also be waterproof and UV-resistant outdoors. The color of the image after the printout of the photo machine is more beautiful, durable, and not easy to fade. And you can be more assured of the disposal of waste ink.