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Epson 5113 printhead-essentials for installing it on the domestic photo machine

The Epson 5113 printhead is slowly being widely used in various domestic photo machines. The impact of the nozzle on the photo machine is the most important, so you must pay attention to the purchase of the photo machine or the replacement of the piezoelectric nozzle and the installation of the new nozzle. The following is its targeted introduction, as well as the introduction of some solutions, everyone can understand!

Epson 5113 printhead

Instructions for installing 5113 piezoelectric nozzles on domestic photo machines:

1. The installation of Epson print head is the key. The main reason is that the photo print head is more expensive, and the print head is more delicate. The installation error may greatly affect the normal printing state of the  piezoelectric print head! In other words, a little carelessness will cause damage to your print head, so it is necessary to talk about the precautions for the installation of the print head of the micro piezoelectric photo machine. Be sure to follow the steps in the manual] to avoid unnecessary damage to the nozzle caused by improper operation.

2.Before installing the piezoelectric sprinkler, first make sure that the machine is moving normally, the ground wire of the machine is well connected, the voltage on the trolley board is normal, and the voltage supplied by the  sprinkler is normal. The following is its targeted introduction, as well as the introduction of some solutions, everyone can understand.

3. Use software to test all aspects of the machine's movement is normal, the grating reading is normal, and the indicator light is normal. Before installation, the installer's hands should touch the conductive body for two-hand discharge. The operator's hands must not have sweat or water vapor, because once they touch the nozzle line plug, the nozzle may be short-circuited. In addition, do not wear clothing that is prone to static electricity, such as plastic cloth. It is best to wear electrostatic rings on your hands if conditions allow. When installing, be sure to turn off the power and unplug the power cord.

4. Generally, there are no less than two nozzle data plugs on the print head. Check whether the plugs of the plugs have raised pins and are flat. It is best to use a new plug, and plug it into the printhead with a firm plug without any tilt. The nozzle scale of the nozzle line is generally divided into positive and negative sides, one side is in contact with the circuit, and the other side is not in contact with the circuit. Do not mistake the direction. After plugging in, be sure to check it several times to confirm that there are no problems.

5. The nozzle line is connected to the trolley board: first, operate without power when the machine is powered off. The position of the line from the nozzle must not be wrong. Be sure to find out before you start. If you are hesitant or not sure, do not try to install it first. Be sure to consult the manufacturer or ask for the correct picture of the location of the plug, or remove it. Take a photo before changing and additionally mark each line to prevent it from starting when you insert it. Because the consequences will be very serious, once the possibility of burning the head is very high, because the function of the nozzle line is not the same, the wrong plug is bound to burn. There is also a problem that the direction of the plug cannot be reversed. Once plugged in, it may not burn the head, but there is a chance. Be sure to check more after plugging in the line.

6. After all installed, check three to five times, after confirming that there are no problems, turn on the power, it is best not to turn on the sprinkler first. First use the ink pump to bring the ink over, and then turn on the power of the print head. If the whole machine has a power switch, first check whether the flash spray is normal, and the flash spray is normal to prove the installation is successful. Flash spray is abnormal. Please turn off the power immediately to check whether there is a problem elsewhere. This is after confirming the state of the new spray head.

7. The Epson 5113 print head of the photo machine must be installed carefully. The work before installation must not be less, and it must be organized.

8. It is also critical to check whether the nozzle is a brand new nozzle before installation.

Epson 5113 printhead

9. Do not allow ink to drip onto the data line when inserting the ink bag. If the ink flows down the data line, it may directly enter the circuit, while entering the circuit may cause a short circuit or a direct burn.

10. The ink used for the photo printer nozzle should be high-quality smooth ink. At the same time, more attention should be paid to the maintenance of the machine and the nozzle to extend the life of the nozzle.