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Method for saving digital sublimation printing ink of domestic large format printer

The correct choice of digital sublimation printing ink is an important part of our invisible advertising to save ink costs. Today we continue this topic and continue to briefly explain how to save ink in domestic photo machines.

Digital sublimation printing ink

Sublimation transfer ink is the main consumable of the photo machine. The amount of ink used is directly related to the running cost of the photo machine. Generally, according to the different uses of advertising, indoor photo machines and outdoor photo machines. Among them, indoor photo machines use water-based inks, and outdoor photo machines use weak solvent inks (either solvent inks or oil-based inks). Under the theme that people pay attention to environmental protection today, people mostly use weak solvent inks instead of oily inks. However, so usually water-based inks or weak solvent inks are commonly used in photo machines. Compared with eco-solvent inks, water-based inks are relatively cheap.

Every day we save unnecessary ink is to save costs. Before the photo machine usually prints the picture, make sure the relevant size of the picture is good, to avoid the wrong output after printing, and waste the ink and print media. Secondly, when printing text, if the print quality requirements are not high, I can reduce the PASS print by setting, so that it can meet the customer's printing requirements without using ink, and the printing speed is fast. In addition, during the maintenance of the photo machine, especially in the case of nozzle cleaning. For example, under the operation of ink extraction and cleaning, if cleaning two or three times does not solve the problem, you can carefully check the related problems, or use other nozzle cleaning methods. Under normal circumstances, two or three times of ink extraction can basically solve the related problems. If it does not work, more ink extraction is also a waste of ink, and the problem of the print head still cannot be solved.

Finally, it's our daily problem of adding water-based subliamtion ink to the printer. When adding ink, add the capacity recommended by the manufacturer to avoid adding too much or too little ink. Overfilling the ink may cause related unknown failures. During the drawing process using the zero writing machine, you should pay attention to the ink volume to avoid problems such as ink emptying of the ink cartridge. When adding ink, you can use the relevant funnel or ink tube to add ink to avoid ink spilling and waste during the adding process.

Sublimation ink

For the above, we should pay attention to and understand as much as possible. We have done some fine habits, and it is also a good way to save costs. Good maintenance will make your photo machine more handy, and it will also create more profits for you.