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Large format UV flatbed printer-what effect does alcohol have on it?

What effect does alcohol have on large format UV flatbed printers? In fact, the role of alcohol is disinfection. But when printing products on UV flatbed printing machines, it is not just disinfection, but cleaning. It is necessary to   wipe alcohol before printing products, but not all materials need to wipe alcohol. Learning to use alcohol reasonably is very important for printing results.

Large format UV flatbed printer

1. Static electricity will be generated during the printing process of UV flatbed printing machine. Static electricity will absorb micro particles and small dust in the air. These tiny things are what we can't see with the naked eye, but they really exist. If the product attracts dust, small particles visible to the naked eye will appear on the printed product, and alcohol will perfectly solve the problem caused by static electricity.

2. Restore the product. When we printed the product, we found that the printing effect was not very good, but what can I do if the ink is dry and cannot be scraped off easily? This requires the use of alcohol. The alcohol gram promotes the dried ink to become moist, so that the ink on the product can be scraped off and the product can be  restored.

Alcohol is mainly used for cleaning and protecting the sample materials from high temperature expansion. So which materials need alcohol? Here are a few examples.

(1). The sample material with dust and particles on the surface, because the dust and particles will be directly attached to the sample as the printer's ink is dried off, which affects the quality and beauty of the sample, so we need to wipe it with alcohol.

(2). In cold weather, especially in winter, the UV digital printer generates static electricity because the temperature is too low, especially for glass and steel. Because static electricity has a lot of dust attached to the sample, we need to wipe it with alcohol to prevent it from being “persecuted” by static electricity to make it print.

UV inkjet printer

The sample was covered with granular "unknown objects".

The role of alcohol is not limited to this, there are many uses that we need to tap in the process of using, reasonable use of alcohol, and printing lifelike products.