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Digital printer-tips for choosing its nozzle cleaning fluid and cleaning nozzle

The nozzle cleaning of the digital printer is also divided into two categories: dye and pigment. The cleaning method is to pour the cleaning solution into the vessel. It is better to just soak the nozzle, and do not let the cleaning solution contact the circuit board of the nozzle. Allow the spray head to continue to soak in the cleaning liquid for more than a few hours (overnight is better), so that the cleaning liquid can play a role. When soaking, it is used in conjunction with the photo nozzle cleaner to assist the cleaning effect. If you need to clean the internal sponge of the ink cartridge, heat the cleaning liquid to 60 ° C, fill it into the sponge, let the cleaning liquid melt away the agglomerated ink inside, use with the nozzle cleaner, and then melt the ink that has been melted by the   cleaning liquid. Draw out or spin dry in a centrifuge. Note: The cleaning fluid specially used for the printhead only affects the printing failure caused by the ink. If the printing is not good due to impurities in the poor quality ink,   corrosion, precipitation and other reactions caused by the poor quality ink, and other reasons, it is not within the scope of this product. If you do n’t know the ink performance or use self-matched ink, be sure to perform an ink test before cleaning. Pour some of the ink you use into a small container, add a cleaning solution, and observe whether it is completely dissolved quickly. If not, please do not clean the print head and replace the correct type of   cleaning liquid.

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Pay attention to two points when cleaning the inkjet printing machine nozzle: On the one hand, when disassembling the photo machine nozzle, the user must turn off the power and handle the antistatic work (when disassembling the hand, touch the water pipe and other conductors to release the static electricity of the human body). The static electricity of the human body is too high, and it is easy to break through the motherboard components, causing everything to work normally without ink. On the other hand, before the nozzle is installed and powered on, it must be ensured that the nozzle is completely dry, otherwise it will easily cause the phenomenon of burnout. Tip: Use a water-based ink nozzle and a water-based cleaning solution. Most outdoor photo machines in China use weak solvent inks and use eco-solvent cleaning solutions. Strong solvent inks can be resolved by using a weak solvent cleaning solution for a little longer. The eco-solvent cleaning solution has little effect on other parts of the nozzle. The strong solvent cleaning solution to clean the eco-solvent ink will affect other parts of the print head, so it is not sure that it is best to use the eco-solvent cleaning solution first. Most of the sublimation transfer inks on the market must use eco solvent-based cleaning liquids; if solvent-based inks use aqueous cleaning liquids, the nozzles will be more powerful.

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