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UV flatbed inkjet printer - do you know what software does it use?

UV flatbed inkjet printer did not say which software is good, each has its advantages and disadvantages. And the software and hardware adaptation is the key, otherwise the best software with poor hardware will not work. UV flatbed printing machine is a printing device that uses inkjet technology to restore images to materials. The software to be used is image processing software, sharp image software and printing software.

UV flatbed inkjet printer

1. Image processing software

The printing effects required of UV digital printer by customers are diverse. To meet the needs of various customers, only image processing software can be used. Commonly used image appearance software is Adobe Photoshop (PS), AdobeIllustrator (AI), CorelDRAWGraphicsSuite (CDR). The image processing software can adjust the hue and color of the picture, and it can also adjust the size of the picture and synthesize to make a new picture. It is powerful enough to meet any image requirements required by UV flatbed digital printers.

2. Sharpmap software

Its function is to convert the file into a bitmap image required by a printer or imagesetter, and then convert this bitmap file into a driver data file required by the printer. In short, it is to interpret images, graphics, and text into a language that can be recognized by printers and imagesetters, so that UV flatbed digital printers can recognize and print images onto materials.

3. Printing software

The print control software of UV flatbed digital printers is generally developed and designed by manufacturers themselves, and combined with their own printers to develop the required printing functions, making the printer more widely used and the printing effect is better.

UV inkjet printer

Many people are also worried about the fact that technology will not be studied when considering UV flatbed printing machines. In fact, UV printing technology is not as difficult as we think. Many novice and zero-based customers can start their training after two or three days after receiving system training. The problem with UV flatbed digital printer operation technology is not a problem.