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UV roll to roll printing machine-8 tips for maintaining and cleaning it

The nozzle of the UV roll to roll printing machine is very important. Due to the characteristics of the application field of the UV inkjet printer, the maintenance and cleaning of the nozzle is also the most important to maintain the operation of the UV inkjet printer. When there are problems with the print head, such as breakpoints, broken lines, no ink from the print head, and unclear printing, etc., you must pay attention to proactive cleaning in a timely manner. These problems cannot be solved by the automatic cleaning of the UV digital printer.

UV roll to roll printing machine

8 Tips for Maintaining and Cleaning UV Roll Photo Machine

After interviews and investigations, it was found that many manufacturers accidentally damaged the nozzles during the cleaning process, resulting in an irreversible situation. We summarized 8 tips, I hope to help you friends.

1. Turn off the power and unplug the UV roll to roll inkjet printer to ensure that the nozzle can be disassembled only after the power is cut off. This will help ensure the safety of you and the machine.

2. It must be cleaned with pure water. The tap water contains a large amount of bleaching powder and other impurities, which will leave stubborn stubbornness in the nozzle, which will make the nozzle more serious.

3. The nozzle is very delicate, and the cleaning method should be gentle. If the nozzle is damaged during cleaning, the nozzle will be lost.

4. Be careful not to flow water into the circuit board of the print head. Dry the print head for 4-5 days after cleaning. If the wet nozzle is installed back to the UV printer, the consequences would be disastrous.

5. In the case of urgent time, you can only use a hair dryer to dry the nozzle and its circuit. The temperature that the nozzle can withstand is not high, and the temperature of the blower should be maintained at about 40 degrees Celsius, otherwise the internal plastic structure of the nozzle may be changed, or even deformed and necrotic.

6. If the nozzle is not used urgently, after the cleaning is finished, a special maintenance liquid is introduced for maintenance. f there is no special maintenance fluid, high-quality ink can achieve similar results.

7. To install the print head, insert the head cable and the UV digital printer tightly. Note that the above operations are performed in a power-off state.

8. Before plugging in the power, it is best to check whether the nozzle is dry and installed properly. After the machine is turned on, check whether the nozzle ejects normally.

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If the problem cannot be solved during self-cleaning, do not disassemble and inspect the nozzle without authorization. Seeking professional help will reduce your losses. However, if you can master these 8 tips and not cause new nozzle problems, simple nozzle problems can be easily solved.