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Large format inkjet printer-how to ensure continuous ink supply for it

Large format inkjet printer ultrasonic ink supply technology is a high-tech developed in recent years. It is a successful application of modern ultrasonic technology in digital inkjet and inkjet printing. It plays a key role in the 
use and maintenance of digital printers. The core of its technology is: using an ultrasonic wave suitable for the characteristics and requirements of the ink, entering the ink, and performing the entire ultrasonic treatment on the 
ink, so as to provide immediate and effective protection to the inkjet printer, and eliminate plugging, disconnection, offset needles, Chromatic aberration and other phenomena. Generally, the service life of the inkjet printer head can be doubled.

Large format inkjet printer

The ink supply of the inkjet printing machine is very important in the entire inkjet process, that is, the quality of the inkjet, and the life of the nozzle, it is really not sloppy!

The traditional ink supply method only uses the ink pump to pump the ink to the secondary ink cartridge for ink supply. Although the filter is used, it does not improve the quality of the ink and does not have any effect on the ink. The filter only prevents impurities from entering the nozzle, but it cannot filter out the polymerized pigment particles in the ink, nor does it allow the pigments in the ink to be filtered out, otherwise the ink will be too light and affect the use.

Therefore, ultrasonic ink must be used to improve the ink to the factory state, eliminate the precipitation, polymerization, layering, and uneven density of the ink, and then maintain the ink at 30 degrees in winter.

The ultrasonic ink supply can not only solve the above problems immediately, but more importantly, it can also protect the printer and protect the print head, prevent the failure and extend the life of the printer.

Maintenance staff:

Maintenance of print head temperature sensor

1. When the temperature detection circuit of the print head fails, a false alarm often occurs, that is, the temperature of the print head is not high, but after the printer is turned on, it will not print after printing a few lines, or even the printer will alarm.

2.The false alarms of the print head temperature detection circuit are generally caused by damage to the thermistor (resistance value becomes smaller, open or short), damage to components in the detection circuit (such as detection circuit chip input port, capacitor leakage, etc.) The head connection cable is caused by an open circuit (mainly a thermistor port) or a disconnection on the circuit board.

Digital printer

3. When checking this part of the circuit for failure, different inspection methods should be adopted according to the specific printer model.

(1). For some digital textile printers that do not have a print head installed and the carriage can move normally during self-test printing, you can first remove the print head from the printer and then start the self-test printing. If the carriage can move normally, the thermistor in the print head is faulty, you need to continue to check the print head. If the fault persists, check the temperature detection circuit.

(2). For those printers where the carriage of the printer must be installed after the print head is installed to move normally, the thermistor of the print head should be checked before checking its detection circuit.