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When cleaning the photo machine with liquid, pay attention to these matters

Everyone should know that after using the photo machine, customers generally need to clean the print head with cleaning liquid to protect it to prevent the print head from being blocked!

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The cleaning liquid is a kind of "detergent" formulated according to the characteristics of the ink. Its main function is to have strong scouring ability, dissolving ability, and make the ink flow in the pipeline better. The following describes the conditions and how to use the cleaning fluid correctly.

1. When new digital printing machines are installed, since each machine is filled with ink before leaving the factory, there is also a protective liquid in the pipes and ink heads. The solubility of the ink in the protective liquid is not as strong as that of the cleaning liquid, and the protective liquid has some influence on the fluidity of the ink. Often, the phenomenon of drawing (in the high-quality mode) and oblique spraying of the ink holes will occur. Therefore, we require that when new machines are installed, the pipes must be cleaned with cleaning fluid. Avoid drawing and oblique spraying of ink holes.

2. Use a cleaning solution to clean the wiper and ink pads every week. Pure water and alcohol have a low solubility in ink, and alcohol has a slight corrosive effect on the wiper blade, so we recommend that you do not use pure water and alcohol to clean it.

3. Regular use of cleaning fluid to clean the pipeline is recommended (3-6 months). If the ink is used for a long time, there will be attachments on the tube wall, which will affect the smoothness of the ink, and the solubility of the cleaning solution to the attachments is very strong, so the pipes should be cleaned regularly.

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4. In some cases, due to the poor working environment and strong static electricity of the inkjet printer, a lot of cotton-like dust will adhere to the surface of the ink head. If it is not cleaned for a long time, it will cause oblique spraying and blockage of ink holes. Regularly drip the cleaning solution into the ink pad to make the ink head more moisturizing.