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Digital UV Printing Machine-4 Points to Note about It in Winter

Every year when the winter gets cold, the number of failures of the digital UV printing machine will also increase. It is mainly concentrated in four aspects: nozzle blockage and disconnection, condensate solidification and condensation, electrostatic interference, and unstable voltage. How to prevent these situations in advance?

Digital UV Printing Machine
1. The nozzle clogged or disconnected

After the temperature drops in winter, the nozzle will become "clogged and disconnected", so don't worry too much. Most of this is because the UV ink's viscosity decreases and the fluency decreases after the temperature of the UV ink is reduced, which results in the ink ejection of individual nozzles is not smooth.

Solution: In addition to the conventional large ink cartridges and secondary ink cartridges that are automatically stirred and warmed, heating plates can be installed on both sides of the ink outlet of the nozzle. If it is not convenient to install, you can choose a small sun, keep a distance of 30 cm, and illuminate the nose car. If possible, you can turn on the heater or air conditioner to keep the UV printer's working environment temperature above 25 degrees.

2. Consumables solidify and condense

Some UV inkjet printer users found that the ink in the UV ink bottle became thick and some had condensed. When this happens, the ink has been discarded and cannot be used, mostly because the ink bottle is placed directly on the ground.

Solution: The storage of winter consumables needs to be placed on the shelf, not on the ground, or placed in the open air.

3. Electrostatic interference

In winter, the wetlands of the air are reduced, and after the dust is increased, static electricity often occurs. The direct effect is that the ejected ink droplets deviate from the direction due to static electricity, causing "flying ink" or "splatter ink" phenomenon, and the print quality will be seriously reduced. In severe cases, the circuit will be burned.

Solution: In addition to installing the necessary ground wire, the working environment of the UV printer needs 2 days / time for maintenance to reduce dust. If the air is dry, just turn on the humidifier. If possible, an electrostatic rod can be installed on the machine to eliminate static interference from the material itself.

Digital UV Printing Machine

4. Unstable voltage

In winter, due to heating demand, a large number of electrical appliances will be turned on, and current and voltage will be overloaded. These instability will affect the normal operation of the UV printer in the light, and the internal circuit will be directly burned in the worst.

Solution: In addition to selecting a regular manufacturer's UV printing machine (the circuit system has preventive and emergency resolution devices), a voltage regulator must be installed, a backup power supply must be installed, and independent lines must be installed for the device. It cannot be mixed with other electrical appliances.