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Digital Inkjet Printer-The Correct Way to Maintain Its Cartridge and Nozzle

The problems in the digital inkjet printer are mainly concentrated in the ink tank nozzle. So how to maintain them has become a topic we need to pay attention to. Here are some suggestions about maintaining it, I hope to help you.

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The textile printing machine uses a lot of ink, and after a long period of use, the ink will affect the nozzle and the printed image. The abrasion and ink stains that occur when nozzles work for a long time also affect the quality of printed images. Therefore, the correct selection of ink and the correct maintenance of nozzles are issues that every photo machine user cannot ignore in use. So the user should make the choice of ink first. The quality of the ink determines the quality of the printed image and the life of the nozzle. The manufacturing market of photo printer inks is complicated. Whether it is original inks or compatible inks, the second is to do maintenance of equipment and nozzles. Nozzles are most likely to be blocked due to long-term application, improper use of ink, or unused for long periods of time. Of course, the use of poor quality ink will also cause the nozzle holes to be blocked and affect the print quality. In severe cases, the entire nozzle will be scrapped. Although the manufacturing industry of the nozzle is fine, its structure is not complicated. The plane that is in direct contact with the print media is full of tiny round holes. The nozzle is connected to the nozzle into which the ink cartridge is inserted. Between the nozzle and the nozzle and around the nozzle, toner or impurities with strong adhesion are often carried. As long as these toners and impurities are removed, the nozzle can resume normal printing.

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For a inkjet printer that has been out of service for a long time (more than one week), it is best to place the entire ink supply system of the photo machine after cleaning with a cleaning solution to prevent the nozzles from being 
blocked. Most seem to be scrapped nozzles. Only the nozzle is blocked and cannot work, only a simple flushing can restore its printing function. For the normal printing, but the lack of strokes or colors, or the slight obstruction of the image under high variability, the nozzle cleaning program that comes with the photo machine can usually be used to solve it. If the nozzles are clogged or the color is not good, it should be cleaned early with a cleaning program. In the printing process, the machine frequently flushes ink or cleans the nozzles, but the printing effect is still poor or the nozzles are seriously blocked, the machine cannot be filled with ink, or the photo machine refuses to work, and it can only be cleaned manually. Although manual cleaning is not complicated, Because the nozzle needs to be wiped off, the cleaning times should not be too frequent. The manual cleaning method is to use a syringe and a rubber tube that can be put on the needle, cleaning solution, ten times magnifier, hard plastic knife and other tools. After removing the nozzle of the photo machine, use a magnifying glass to carefully find the blocked nozzle, and then use a syringe to inject the cleaning solution into the nozzle. If necessary, use a hard plastic knife to scrape off the residue on the side of the spray hole. Be careful not to contaminate the electrode part when using it.