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Flatbed UV Printer-How to Identify It Is An Industrial or Civilian Printer?

There are two types of flatbed UV printers in the market: industrial UV flatbed printers and civilian UV flatbed printers. Therefore, how to distinguish between industrial and civilian UV flatbed printers and the applicable areas of UV flatbed printers is particularly important. Do you know how to distinguish the two? Here are some methods to teach you how to distinguish, I hope to help you.

Flatbed UV Printer

1: There is no distinction between civil and industrial grades, just to better distinguish UV flatbed inkjet printers. Most of the civilian UV flatbed digital printers are modified by Epson printers, and the printers with smaller format and only one or two nozzles. They are suitable for small-scale production and self-employed owners of small investments.

2: For industrial UV flatbed printing amchines, this type includes Epson, Ricoh, and Seiko.

(1) There are more than 3 nozzles, and nozzles can be added as needed.

(2) The printing color should be 6 colors, 8 colors or even 11 colors.

(3) The print format of industrial UV flatbed digital printers is generally large, 1610—1.6 × 1 meters; 2513 / 2512—2.5 × 1.3 meters; 2030—2 × 3 meters.

(4) The price of domestic industrial wide format UV flatbed printing machines is very expensive, and the price of imports is more expensive!

(5) The performance of industrial-grade machines is more stable and there are fewer after-sales problems. The production efficiency of industrial-grade equipment is high.

UV Printer

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