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Sublimation Inkjet Printer-5 Key Points to Prevent The Instability of It

Recently, some customers reported that there were occasional failures in the use of sublimation inkjet printers. After inspection by our technical engineers, most of them were caused by the machine's instability during the printing process. In order to improve your production efficiency, I will take you below. Learn about five key points to prevent the instability of domestic photo machines:

Sublimation Inkjet Printer

1. Connect the ground wire: The electrostatic interference is too large, which will affect the print head inkjet problem of the domestic dye sublimation transfer printer, especially in the dry climate environment. The ground wire of the domestic photo machine can eliminate the influence of static electricity on the machine.

2. Need to install a voltage stabilizer (220V / 2500W): unstable voltage will lead to abnormal power supply of the board and damage to the print head, and may also affect the effect of printing images produced by domestic photo machines.

3. Attentions for connecting transmission data lines:

(1). If it is a USB data cable, pay attention to the quality of the USB data cable. For example, the USB data cable has no shielding layer, and the USB data cable is too long.

(2). If it is the data transmission of the network interface, please pay attention to the correct order of the network cable, the compatibility of the network card to the photo machine, the correct filling and setting of the IP address, etc., to avoid the interruption of the data transmission of the photo machine and the inability to connect, which will cause the printing of domestic photo machines to stop.

4. The use of Montesoft software, print driver and computer system: The online operation of domestic digital sublimation printing machines should pay attention to the compatibility of the computer operating system to the photo machine driver, and the correct installation of Montesoft software and print driver. Use genuine Montesoft software license to avoid the impact of computer viruses on the driver and the use of Montesoft software.

5. Correct operation and good maintenance habits: The correct operation should be carried out in accordance with the operation and usage guidelines given by the photo machine manufacturers, and good habits of photo machine use and maintenance should be developed in normal times.

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The above are 5 key points based on experience to prevent the instability of domestic photo machines. Do you have any idea?