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Outdoor Advertising Printer-How to Choose Suitable Epson Print Head for It?

Many customers do not understand the outdoor advertising printer nozzles, such as Epson 5th generation head, 10th generation head, 7th generation head, 5113 head. Many newcomers are fainted by these. Today I will introduce you how to choose an Epson print head, and you will find that it is so easy to purchase an Epson print head for outdoor photo machines.

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The fifth-generation head of the outdoor large format eco-solvent printing machine is more accurate and durable than the 5113 nozzle and the 10-generation head. Although the Epson 5113 nozzle is fast, its accuracy is slightly weaker. The tenth generation is the most economical, but the performance is not as good as the fifth generation. The seventh generation is not bad. The ink required by the seventh generation is even more picky. The required ink is several times smoother than the ink of the fifth generation, and the ink drop output is several times smaller than the fifth generation, although the speed accuracy is higher than that of the fifth generation. It must be accurate and the ink droplets are super fine, but the stability is far worse than that of the fifth generation head, which is suitable for oily photo machines.

Why is the fifth generation popular with people? Because Epson's fifth-generation printheads do not pick ink, even ordinary thermal transfer inks do not cause significant damage to the printheads. The use of stable, photo-machine control technology for Epson's fifth-generation printheads is also mature, and the printout accuracy is also high. , The speed is also fast, so it is also a piezoelectric nozzle used by many domestic photo machines.

Many photo machines in the market today use Epson's seventh-generation printheads and Epson's tenth-generation printheads, but the technology is not yet mature, so they will be less stable than the fifth-generation printheads. At the same time, in terms of service life, the seventh-generation nozzle is not as good as the fifth-generation nozzle. The structure and design ink droplets of the seventh-generation Epson nozzle are twice as fine as those of the fifth-generation. It is several times smoother, and the ink droplet output is several times smaller than the fifth generation. Although the speed accuracy is faster and more accurate than the fifth generation, and the ink droplet is ultra-fine, the stability is far worse than that of the fifth generation. At the same time, what the user wants is a stable photo machine. If the stability is not good, the machine is prone to problems, and the user's practicability will not be recognized by the user.

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In general, if you are choosing an outdoor eco-solvent inkjet printer of the fifth generation head and the seventh generation head, it is recommended that you still choose the original five generation head! Because the technology is mature, the machine is stable, does not pick ink, easy to use and operate, easy to maintain, and it is not troublesome after sale.