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Inkjet Printing Machine Online Computer Should Pay Attention to Data Security and Virus Protection

In addition to the daily maintenance of inkjet printing machines, data security and virus protection must be paid attention to when using online computers for photo machines, so that the photo machines can always maintain the best working conditions.

Inkjet Printing Machine

The use of digital inkjet printer software generally consists of drivers and RIP programs. For example, among domestic photo machines, the RIP software is mostly Montessori software, printer driver files, hardware drivers including USB, and related online control programs. For the online operation of the photo machine, pay attention to the compatibility of the computer operating system with the photo machine driver, and the correct installation of the Montesoft software and print driver. Use genuine Montesoft software license to avoid the impact of computer viruses on the driver and the use of Montesoft software.

Especially with regard to the virus protection of the online computer of the photo machine, the software installation of the computer operating system should pay attention to the installation of unknown programs and related bundled malicious Trojans. As far as possible, use antivirus software to check the security of unknown programs before installing. When downloading software, please download it from the regular software download website, and choose the correct download site link to download. Usually, the safe download link is the RAR file grid. If it is an EXE executable download file, usually 90% is a malicious program bundle file. Do not download and install it. When installing the program, pay attention to cancel other related bundled malicious plug-ins to avoid the software from installing other junk software on your computer due to inadvertent cancellation during installation.

In addition, the online computer of the textile printing machine usually needs to exchange and transfer picture files, including U disk file transfer. When receiving files, pay attention to the reception of unknown files and virus killing. Special attention should be paid to U disk file transfer and copying, U disk auto-play virus protection and U disk folder icon virus protection, to avoid infection of unknown computer malicious Trojans, resulting in abnormal use of the photo machine online computer The normal operation of related RIP software affects the work of inkjet printout.

Digital Printer

The inkjet printing of the photo machine is processed by the RIP software and driver related to the online computer, and the inkjet print output of the photo machine. If there is a problem with the photo machine connected to the computer, then it will directly affect the normal use of the photo machine, and cannot perform image data processing and inkjet printout operations. In particular, work on data security and virus protection of online computers must be taken seriously.