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Sublimation Paper Printer-The Factors that Limit The Lifetime of Its Cartridges

The cartridge of a sublimation paper printer has a lifespan. At the same time that the user has tried to prolong its life, he has forgotten the impact of some misconduct on his life. So what behaviors will shorten the life of the cartridge of the sublimation machine?

Sublimation Paper Printer

1. Effects of impurities and dust

The ink cartridge of sublimation transfer printer is placed in a dusty place. The dust on the surface of the ink cartridge is likely to be mixed into the ink during the ink cartridge installation of the inkjet printer. When the ink flows, the dust will be taken to and adsorbed on the filter of the ink cartridge. With the increase of dust, the filter of the ink cartridge will be blocked, which will cause the ink to flow improperly, which will affect the life of the ink cartridge of the photo machine.

2. Drop the ink cartridge

Dropping the ink cartridge can easily cause damage to the in ternal parts of the ink cartridge, and it is likely that the ink cartridge of the textle subliamtion printing machine leaks ink. This is a fatal injury to the ink cartridge, so users are advised to handle it gently when handling the ink cartridge. Be careful not to drop the ink cartridge when transporting it.

Sublimation Printer

3. Printer cartridge seal ring aging

Between the ink cartridge and the ink inlet of the nozzle, a rubber seal ring is used to ensure the seal between the ink cartridge and the nozzle, and to ensure that the ink cannot leak out. Long-term use or multiple removal of the ink cartridge will age the seal ring, and the sealing effect will be poor, causing the ink to leak out from the joint. This will cause the ink to accumulate and mix on the nozzle, causing the bottom ink to be mixed. The direct result is printing The artwork changes color, and the color needs to be restored after printing multiple artwork. This situation also leads to waste of ink and increase of waste ink of the photo machine.