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Sublimation Printer-5 Wrong Ways to Maintain It, You Need to Correct Immediately

The print head is the core component of the sublimation printer. If it is used and maintained correctly, it can greatly extend the life. However, due to some incorrect operations, the wear of the print head is accelerated. The following five are the actions that are most likely to damage the print head.

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1. Dismantling the nozzles continuously, install and remove the circuit of digital sublimation printing machine at will without turning off the power switch and cutting off the main power. This behavior can impair the service life of individual systems, especially nozzles.

2. Vigorously clean the nozzle with a high-pressure air gun. Cleaning the spray head is a meticulous task. You cannot directly flush the spray head with a high-pressure air gun for fast pictures. If the spray head is only slightly blocked, you can use a needle tube to flush it gently. You can also add an appropriate amount of cleaning solution to the nozzle tube to clean the nozzle.

3. Do not pay attention to protect the circuit board during cleaning. Turn off the power during cleaning, and be careful not to allow water to come in contact with circuit boards and other internal systems.

4. Adjust the position of the nozzle irregularly. Do not use brute force whether you are replacing or fine-tuning the printhead. Please treat the printhead carefully according to the specifications.

5. Do not pay attention to electrostatic protection. The normal operation of digital printing equipment is greatly affected by static electricity, so you cannot directly touch the nozzle with your hand. Wear protective gloves when you maintain the sprinkler. You must also check the ground connection frequently.

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Therefore, when using the dye sublimation transfer printer, you must pay attention to the above five-point nozzle maintenance method is wrong. We supply Epson DX5, DX7, DX4, 5113, 4720, TFP printheads. If you have any needs, please contact me or leave a comment below the article and I will reply to you later.