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Dye Sublimation Inkjet Printer - How to Maintain the Print Head?

For dye sublimation inkjet printer, the print head is one of the most important parts, and usually the price of a print head is very expensive. Therefore, users should pay more attention to maintenance when using the printer's nozzle, and try to reduce the damage of the nozzle. So, how can we better save the nozzle?

epson dye sublimation inkjet printer

1. If sublimation transfer printer has not much printing work, we can put the nozzle on the machine, as long as the ink is added with alcohol paper (preferably not to shed hair), wipe the crystal block of the nozzle, and absorb the ink. You can suck it up.

2. If the digital sublimation printer print job is completed, and it has not worked for several days or you know that the nozzle will not be used and the nozzle will be aging, it is recommended to take the printer nozzle off the machine. Please note that the nozzle should be placed horizontally (the nozzle chip is up) so that the ink does not come out, then wipe the nozzle with alcohol, preferably with an ink absorber. Some people will ask, isn't it afraid that the nozzle will age for a long time? Please put the blue ribbon back on the nozzle. Also, don't let the nozzles shine on the sun and clean the nozzles. Add a small amount of water to solve the general paste, ink plug and so on.

epson dye sublimation inkjet printer

Also note that the printer's ground wire must be connected.

The method of correct grounding: connect the ground wire (copper wire, diameter 4mm) connected to the metal body of the large format sublimation printer to the underground 1.5-2m deep, water the salt water around, and ground it separately from the computer ground wire. Do not connect the ground wire of the computer to the printer. Grounding through the printer, such that the computer chassis power leakage or discharge will damage the printer's electrical accessories or nozzles. There are many benefits to the grounding wire, such as preventing the printer from dispersing ink, preventing the car from suddenly suspending, and personal safety issues.