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Full Sublimation Printer-What If the Printer Appears Square When Printing?

When using a full sublimation printer, are you worried about how to avoid the of broken squares when printing images? Do you still think this is a difficult problem to solve? Here I will tell you how to avoid the such problems and share the solving skills with you all.

First of all, we must first understand why the sublimation transer printer breaks the ink when the printer is printing. Only by understanding the source of the problem can we find a better solution.

full sublimation printer

There are three problems that cause the printer to break the ink when drawing the picture. They are:

1. The track is dirty, causing the car to deviate.

2. The ink cartridge of the digital sublimatiion printer is less than a quarter of the ink, the ink cannot be pumped up, or the ink is higher than three-quarters, and the ink will overflow.

3. There is water or ink leakage between the printer nozzle and the electric shock belt.

full sublimation printer

The solution is also very simple, just do these three things every day:

1. Wipe the guide rails with sewing machine oil every day.

2. Check the amount of ink in the printer's ink cartridges daily, not less than a quarter, or more than three-quarters.

3. Dry the printer nozzle between the dye sublimation printer head and the electric shock strap with a dry rag.

Above are some solutions to the problems about the squares appear in the picture when printing, hope it would be a help for you.