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Wide Format UV Flatbed Printer-Method for Removing Ink Cartridge from It

When using a wide format UV flatbed printer, we sometimes encounter that when I click the cleaning button on the control panel of the flatbed printer, the ink cartridge holder cannot be moved to the gap of the ink cartridge chute, so how to solve it?

Wide Format UV Flatbed Printer

1. Turn on the lock switch: Unblock the print head

Generally, when the UV inkjet printer is not working, the printhead of the flatbed printer is always located at the right end of the flatbed printer. Take a closer look below the position where the printhead is stopped, and find that there is a plastic lock switch on the outside. Once the print head stops at the right end of the flatbed printer, the print head is not good enough to move by hand. However, when the flatbed printer is working, the nozzle of the flatbed printer will start to move from the right end position, and the position of the lock switch will also move at this time. It is estimated that it moves about half a centimeter outward.

So what we know is that the print head is controlled by this lock switch. When the flatbed printer is not working, this plastic lock switch will fix the print head so as not to let it move randomly, thereby achieving the purpose of protecting the print head. So if we want to move the print head when the flatbed printer is not working, we have to find a way to change the position of the lock switch.

First, push the print head that stays on the right end of the UV printing machine firmly inward so that the print head and the lock switch can be isolated. Then find a small slender stick under the print head and lock it at the bottom. Switch, push the switch button outwards forcefully, so that there is nothing stuck in the print head. When the print head is gently moved by hand, it is found that the flatbed printer can move on the slider. Then move the print head to a position where it is easy to replace the ink cartridge, then open the lid on the ink cartridge holder, remove the empty ink cartridge, and place the new ink cartridge in at the same time. Then follow the reverse steps to return the print head to its original position, so that the entire ink change job is over.

UV Printer

2. Power off the printer

When all the ink in the ink cartridge is exhausted, the status indicator on the control panel of the flatbed printer will not alert you, so you cannot replace the blank ink cartridge according to the ordinary replacement procedure. However, you can replace it by the following steps: first press and hold the ink change button on the control panel to clean the inkjet printer, If you find that the inkjet printer is still unable to output ink after cleaning, it means that the ink in the ink cartridge has run out.

Continue to press the cleaning button in the control panel so that the large format uv printer will continue to perform cleaning. During the cleaning process, the ink cartridge holder moves along the chute, but when the ink cartridge holder moves to a position where the ink cartridge can be replaced, immediately turn off the power button on the flatbed printer to cut off the power of the printer. In this way, the ink cartridge holder will always be fixed at the ink cartridge replacement position, so that you can open the cover on the ink cartridge holder, take out the blank ink cartridge, and then let the flatbed  printer run again. Once the flatbed printer finds that the ink cartridge does not exist after the power is turned on, it will light up the ink out indicator, and then you can install the new ink cartridge into the flatbed printer according to the normal method of replacing the ink cartridge.