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Do You Know If UV Digital Printer Can Print Bumpy Material?

UV digital printer becomes more and more popularity, we know that it is a machine that can print on any flat material. So if the uv printer can print on any flat material, can the bump surface also be printed? The answer is: you can't print on the bump surface. So why it can not print on the bump material?

mimaki uv digital printer

First, the uv inkjet printer has a certain distance between the nozzle and the material when printing the pattern. Generally, the most suitable distance is 2-3mm.

Second, if we print on the bump surface, the nozzle and material collide, and the nozzle will be damaged. If friction is severe, the nozzle will be directly scrapped. This will not only affect the production schedule, but also require additional maintenance costs.

mimaki uv digital printer

Third, when we print on the bump surface, we need to raise large format UV printer nozzle to avoid colliding with this material. At this time, the ink cart is raised. If the distance is beyond the proper distance, the printed pattern will be blurred, and the flying phenomenon will occur, which will affect the printing effect. 

Therefore, in summary, although the application range of the UV digital printing machine is very wide, it is still unable to exert its advantages on the uneven material. However, for cylindrical or curved materials such as water bottles and cups, UV printers can be printed, and only a separate stage is required to print with the nozzle.