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Sublimation Transfer System And Sublimation Printing

What is the definition of dye sublimation transfer inks?Sublimation printing describes the process of a solid substance changing directly into a gas or vapor, without first passing through the intermediary liquid state. The sublimation inks mean the dye colorant activated by heat that change into a gas when heated and have the property to bond with polyester or acrylic surfaces. Sublimated images are extremely durable against wash; scratch resistant because the image is protected within the surface.

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Sublimation transfer system can adopt large format inkjet plotters.Sublimation system for large format inkjet plotters is designed for applications that require printable widths of 24" up to 74". The professional and commercial users can produce the sublimation-transferred printings in a timely and cost effective manner: T-shirts, decorated apparel, promotional products, interior signage, POP design, carpet graphics, tile murals, tradeshow graphics, sporting goods and more.Theoretically sublimation utilizes heat-activated inks, there is no special paper required. We are recommending the special paper adjusted to our sublimation ink to attain business and professional oriented quality.

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Why do we thinks sublimation transfer is different from transfer papers?Heat transfers created with color ink jet or wax thermal printers use a polymer coated transfer paper to fuse ordinary ink particles onto the surface of a substrate. The result is a "decal-like" transfer that can peel, crack, fade, and discolor over time. Sublimation transfers instead rely on special transfer inks or toners to transfer below the surface of a substrate. The result is a "tattoo-like" transfer that will not peel, crack, or fade and lasts for many years.Sublimation inks transfer well to synthetic surfaces such as polyester and acrylic. They do not transfer to natural surfaces such as cotton, or dark colored surfaces. Over long periods of time, sublimation inks have limited color-fastness when exposed to direct sunlight.

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Last but not least,sublimation transfer paper can not be transfer on the 100% cotton fabric in theory, that why somebody use 50 % polyester mixed or polyester resin sprayed T-shirts at least.