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Sublimation Paper Printer-What if the Printer Cannot Detect the Paper?

When using a sublimation paper printer, sometimes we may meet the problems that although has feeded paper, the printer still prompts that there is no paper, which may cause it to be used abnormally. So, how do we deal with this problem?

Sublimation inkjet printer is usually equipped with a sensor that measures the presence or absence of paper. This sensor is called a paper detector. If the part is in error, printing paper cannot be tested. If we meet such a problem, we can solve it by the following steps:

sublimation paper printer

1. The cable of the printer's paper measuring device is not inserted. If the cable is not plugged in, the sublimation digital printer will report the message "Internal ERROR shutdown bad carriage paper senso". At this time, check if the paper and the ink cartridge cart are connected correctly.

2. There is shredded paper not taken out. This problem is most common, as long as the excess shredded paper is removed.

3. The sensor is dirty. Use a cotton swab dipped in alcohol to clean the sensor.

sublimation paper printer

4. The paper detector is not installed correctly. Remove the paper detector and reinstall it on the printer to solve the problem.

5. The paper detector burns out. The paper measuring machine is not expensive for dozens of pieces, and you can buy one again and replace it.

For the sake of not affecting the use of the large format sublimation printer, the user can periodically check and clean, and the chance of failure is reduced to a minimum. In addition, users are advised to purchase several paper detectors just in case.