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Sublimation printing machine-the solution to the inaccurate print size of it

In the advertising spray painting, I believe that users often encounter the problem of inaccurate size of the sublimation printing machine inkjet drawing, and I will share the following solutions to solve the problem of shortening the length of the printer.

High-definition image printing of textile sbliamtion printers is more and more welcomed by users, especially in high-precision advertising inkjet paintings, and it is a good helper for high-quality advertising image screen printing. However, during the inkjet printing process of the printer, due to different media materials selected for the inkjet paper, or the accuracy of the machine's printing step, the image screen of the inkjet printout is likely to deviate from the actual designed size, and the image after inkjet printing appears. The problem of screen shortening, these are the more common photo machine inkjet drawings about size inaccuracy. In view of this problem, I will give you the following analysis and troubleshooting solutions.

Sublimation printing machine

1. Different materials selected for printer inkjet printing

Photo printer high-precision inkjet printing, support different inkjet paper media printing. Such as common adhesive materials, inkjet cloth materials, canvas, light films, soft films and so on. However, the photo media uses different materials and media in the inkjet printing process, and the weight and surface roughness coefficient are different. Therefore, the resistance of the print media is different, and the photo printer nozzle ink car runs at the same speed, so the print It is necessary to perform compensation and correction, and adjust the step parameters of the photo machine according to different materials. Therefore, when the photo printer prints the picture, the compensation value needs to be corrected, that is, the machine step parameters need to be carefully adjusted according to different materials.

2. Compensation correction of printer step accuracy

What is the stepping of the dye sublimation printer? The stepping in the printer means that the carriage head moves back and forth once, and the press roller of the machine advances the paper one step forward. This is the meaning of the photo machine stepping. The size of the step can be adjusted, which means that the wheel feeds the paper forward more and less. If the photo machine's drawing length is shortened, you can set the step accuracy of the photo machine, calibrate it, set the parameters correctly, or perform "compensation settings".

3. Printer RIP software when importing pictures

Pay attention to the correctness of the dimensions when designing and outputting the image screen of photo inkjet. When using related RIP software to import pictures, care should be taken to keep the original size of the image unchanged, to avoid changing the actual size of the image due to image size reduction and recognition operations during import.

4. Problems with printing paper media

In the process of inkjet printing of a sublimation transfer printer, the issue of the printing paper media is that at the position of the roll, the material is continuously relaxed in advance to reduce the resistance of the roll material. Secondly, often the new roll material is relatively thick and the resistance is large. It is necessary to relax the material in advance to reduce the paper feed resistance. In the process of inkjet printing and drawing, at the beginning, the material is relatively thick, the resistance is large, and the phenomenon of shortening the screen is easy to occur. There are two phenomena of shortening and elongation. This failure has a great relationship with the tightness of the material.

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The above several reasons often affect the inaccurate size of the printer inkjet drawing. If the photo machine inkjet user encounters it during the process of inkjet drawing, you can refer to these aspects to set and eliminate malfunction.