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Sublimation textile printer-influence of static electricity on it and treatment method

The air is dry in winter and it is easy to generate static electricity, and the sublimation textile printer is also affected by static electricity. The phenomenon is that before the ink droplets are printed on the light box cloth, the direction changes and the phenomenon is caused. If this phenomenon is not resolved for a long time, the electrostatic voltage on the photo machine will reach 6 ~ 10V, which is likely to cause damage to the print head.

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Now that static electricity has such a large impact on its printer, here's how to deal with static electricity:

1. Method of grounding wire: 0.5, m2 copper plate should be welded, 4mm2 copper wire is buried in the damp soil below 1.5 meters, and the salt water is poured. The ground wire is best to use the whole wire, no connector, and good contact with the machine.

2. The humidity around the sublimation printing machine reaches 40 ~ 60% relative humidity. In this way, if static electricity is generated from the friction of the PVC light box cloth, it will be retransmitted from the air without affecting the ink droplets on the nozzle. The standard for purchasing industrial humidifiers should not be less than 4 liters of water per hour. If the ventilation is good, try to choose a humidifier with a water consumption of 6 liters / hour. In addition, some customers use spray guns and compressed air-made humidifiers to achieve good results. In addition, some customers use spray guns and compressed air-made humidifiers to achieve good results.

3. The use of a higher viscosity ink will have a better antistatic effect. The principle is that the larger the weight of the ink droplet, the smaller the electrostatic effect. However, the impact of too high viscosity on the piezoelectric crystal of the nozzle remains to be explored.

4. Some customers also recommend using electrostatic brushes to solve static electricity.

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5. When performing air exchange in the operation room, pay attention to changes in temperature and humidity.

6. Try to keep the indoor temperature constant.

7. Selection of dye sublimation transfer printer light box cloth: The roughness of the surface of the light box cloth directly affects the generation of static electricity. Try to choose a light box cloth with a low CaCo3 content and a smooth surface.