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Sublimation Transfer Paper- Some Tips for Our Daily Maintenance

Sublimation transfer paper is a kind of special paper that used in sublimation printing process. When we use it to do sublimation heat press printing, we need pay attention to some steps so that it can protect the printer and it's parts.

When the sublimation printing paper absorbs too much moisture in the air, the paper becomes very soft, which makes it easy to wrinkle when it passes through the pickup roller. The remedy is to remove some of the pickup rollers and reduce the pressure. Tightly keep the printer leveling the paper.

sublimation transfer paper

To ensure which side is dye sublimation paper printing surface, before printing, you can apply the two sides of the transfer paper with your fingers and the water. The more slippery is the print surface.

When placing the heat transfer paper on the printer, bring the fine cloth gloves to prevent the transfer paper surface from being dirty. When changing a new volume, it is safe to print a small standard color block (the standard color block refers to the familiar pattern of CMYK four or six colors) and do the transfer test to ensure each roll of paper. The color is the same. If there is obvious color difference, it is necessary to find the cause and eliminate it in time.

sublimation transfer paper

During the printing process, the test strip should be used to ensure the smoothness of the ink of the nozzle, so that the color of the pattern is consistent and accurate, and the printing defects are avoided due to partial blockage of the nozzle.

In the case of winding while printing, turn on the built-in heater of the printer and set the appropriate temperature according to the amount of ink discharged from the print pattern, or turn on the external air drying device. Make sure that the back is not stained during the winding process to avoid flaws in the print pattern.