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New installation of dye sublimation printer must pay attention to these issues

How do I install and use a new domestic dye sublimation printer after we buy it? In order to more fully install and use domestic printing machines, users are reminded to pay attention to the following matters when installing new machines for the first time:

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1. Attention should be paid before the machine is installed and used. The preparations before installation:

(1). The inkjet sublimation printing machine is a large-scale printing device. When the user purchases the machine, it needs to be shipped from the manufacturer and transported to the user's work place. During the acceptance inspection, the user must check the integrity of the appearance of the machine and avoid the transportation process. Unexpected bumps on the photo machine.

(2). Before unpacking the machine, check whether the photo machine related accessories are complete. For example, random related accessories, driver CDs, Mongolian software CDs, related vulnerable small accessories, installation kits, wiring and other standard related accessories, and whether the list is on the list.

(3). Choose a good installation environment for the sublimation transfer printer, such as whether the power voltage of the photo machine's workplace is stable and normal, the room temperature and temperature of the working space, and the air flow. In addition, we must pay attention to the conditions for preparing the ground wire in advance for the photo machine. Users with conditions are advised to equip the photo machine with a computer connected to the photo machine in advance and prepare related power regulators for the photo machine. Stabilize the workplace voltage of the photo machine and provide a high-quality working environment for the photo machine.

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2. Note on installation of photo machine:

(1). Place the relevant machine rack accessories, and install the rack and mainframe according to the relevant installation instructions. In the process of installation, pay attention to the installation of each accessory in place, and fix the related nails so that the machine does not shake after installation, which affects the printing of the photo machine.

(2). Connect and install the related ink cartridges, ink sacs, ink tubes and nozzles. In particular, the installation operation of the nozzle must be installed according to the installation instructions or the instructions of the installer. For example, the printer nozzle is fixed, the ink tube is connected to the ink bag, the nozzle data cable is connected to the control panel of the car, pay attention to the front and back of the nozzle data cable, and how to insert it first, and then deal with it one by one. Do not try, it is recommended to ask the manufacturer's after-sales personnel to plug the schematic diagram, so as not to plug the wrong line burns the nozzle. After the line connection is completed, multiple inspections must be performed, for example, four or five times, and the power is turned on for running and printing tests after no problems.

(3). After the installation of the ink cartridge is completed, check whether the relevant ink supply pipeline is connected properly, refill the ink cartridge, and be careful not to overfill the ink cartridge. Start the ink pumping operation, introduce the ink into the nozzle, or manually perform the ink extraction operation. After completion, check the flash ejection and test the related printing. If normal, the installation is successful.

(4). Connect the digital sublimation printer to the computer according to the  instructions, install related software and drivers. If it is a network connection, set the relevant IP address and online test on the computer according to the instructions.