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Digital textile printer-the requirements for installation and use environment of it?

The digital textile printer is an indispensable printing device in the process of advertising inkjet printing, and its use and installation environment must be of high quality so as to ensure its life extension.

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1. The installation and placement of the digital printing machine, pay attention to the placement level and stability of the photo machine. If the device is placed on a smooth surface, make sure to use wheel brakes to prevent the device from moving during work. If the equipment is not placed properly, it may cause the equipment to tip over or be damaged. Tilting or places subject to vibration may cause the device to tilt or be damaged.

2. The power supply voltage requirements of the printer workplace. Pay attention to the stability of the photo machine's working voltage. Do not use the photo machine with other high-power machines, because the voltage instability will affect the stability of the relevant parts of the photo machine. Such as the piezoelectric instability is likely to cause damage to the nozzle and related control boards. It is recommended that users equip the printer with a power supply voltage regulator to provide more effective practical protection for the working environment of the photo machine.

3. Do not install equipment near volatile solvents (alcohol or thinner). Volatile solvents come in contact with electronic components, which may cause fire and short circuit of the equipment. Do not place anything on the surface of the photo machine, as this may easily cause equipment failure or cause other effects on the surface of the photo machine.

4. When using inkjet printing equipment, try to maintain a temperature of 20C-28C and a humidity of 40% -70%. Please do not use the equipment in the following places, for example, the use of photo machine equipment in the following places may cause fire and short circuit.

(1). Overly humid and dry place
(2). In direct sunlight
(3). Near open flames or moisture
(4). High temperature place

5. Make sure that there is enough operating space for the printer. If it is not used for a long time, be sure to remove the nozzle and soak it with cleaning solution, and wrap the container with plastic wrap to prevent the invasion of dust and the evaporation of the cleaning solution. In order to ensure smooth operation, sufficient operating space should be reserved at the front, back, left and right (2M front and back, 3M left and right).

6. Don't dismantle the auxiliary parts of the photo machine at will: every part of the machine has its function, don't disassemble it at will. Pay attention to protect the ground wire of the photo machine, especially in the dry season in winter. Because the particles in the air have static electricity, the static electricity generated by the friction between the medium and the equipment, the equipment itself has some leakage, etc., which causes the body to be charged. If there is no grounding and static electricity cannot be ruled out, it is easy to cause damage to the main parts such as the nozzle and the motherboard damage.

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Therefore, in the process of using the digital inkjet printer, it is necessary to do a good job of the installation and use of these photo machines, so that the photo machine can provide better performance. According to professionals, no matter how good the photo machine is, usually it does not pay attention to the use method and environment, or it is damaged quickly, causing some losses to production. Therefore, we must know how to be proficient in operating photo machines and develop better routine maintenance habits for 
photo machines.