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Digital photo printer printed images have overprint dark stripe, how to solve?

When we are using a digital photo printer, sometimes there are overprint dark stripes in the printed image. Do you know what causes it? How to solve this problem?

Digital photo printer

1. The reason for the overprint dark stripe in the photo machine printing image:

(1). The ink head of digital textile printing machine is off-position. The single ink head is off-center and the two ink heads are not in the same position.

(2). The paper feed of the paper feeder is too tight, which causes the paper to feed poorly, which causes greater resistance to the Y-axis stepper motor and cannot reach the standard step value.

(3). The stepping amount of the paper feeder varies with different thicknesses. Solution: a. Calibrate the print head, please contact professional technicians for processing. b. Manually put paper to reduce resistance.

(4). Adjust the CALIBRATION menu of the paper step in the machine to increase or decrease the step value. a. Clean the print head when the print head is disconnected. b. Insufficient printing ink, increase the ink output. c. The paper loader is too tight. Relax the paper loader. 

Inkjet printer

2. During the printing process, the ink car pauses for several seconds at both ends of the image.

(1). The computer operation speed cannot keep up with the transmission speed and printing speed.

(2). Use the print port for transmission, the transmission speed cannot keep up with the printing speed of wide format inkjet printer when the image is large. Solution: 1. Replace the computer with faster speed. Generally, you need to use a computer with a Pentium 41.7G or higher. 2. Use 100M network cable for transmission. The network transmission speed is faster than the printing port transmission speed. a. The machine freezes and grounds the machine casing. b. The computer freezes and restarts the computer.

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