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Sublimation Digital Printer-Solutions to Reduce the Harm to the Human Body

Some people may bring the sublimation digital printer and other office equipment closer to each other for convenience. In fact, this will gradully endanger your health. Like other mechanical and electronic devices, it is also slightly harmful to the our body. Therefore, we must pay attention to the placement of the printer.

sublimation digital printer

Large format sublimation printer will generate some ozone, dust, noise and electromagnetic interference during use. It can be said to be the "invisible killer" in the office. Office equipment such as printers emit ozone ions when working at high temperatures. It is a strong oxidant. When people are exposed to a certain concentration of ozone for a long time, it is easy to cause upper respiratory tract infection.

Especially for sublimation transfer printer, the ink contains carbon and other harmful substances. When the ink is sprayed, it will release some carbon dust. After being inhaled by the human body, it can cause inflammation of the upper respiratory tract such as rhinitis, pharyngitis and bronchitis. Causes dry skin and even folliculitis.

sublimation digital printer

Some professors pointed out that any electrical appliance will generate electromagnetic waves when it is working. Printers are no exception. If it is contaminated by electromagnetic waves for a long time, it will cause people's immune function to decline, induce osteoporosis, insomnia, memory loss, blood pressure rise or fall. In addition, noise interference during printing can also cause headaches, uneasiness and other symptoms.

Another expert reminds that it would be better to buy a sublimation printing machine with environmental labeling product certification, which can minimize the harm to the human body. In the office, it is best to place the machine in a ventilated place, and keep it away from the person 3 meters away, and turn off the power in time when not in use.