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Piezo photo machine ribbon is out of order, how to solve it?

When using a piezo photo machine, the most prone to failure is the failure of the ribbon. After consulting our company's technical staff, I will arrange a few solutions for you, hoping to help you:

Piezo photo machine

1: The cause of the ribbon of large format digital printing machine break may be due to excessive tension, which may cause this situation. Occasionally, this can happen only when it is pulled off or is perfect. However, if such a problem occurs, we only need to remove the broken part and then sew it again. At each time, we need to replace it again! 

2: Sometimes the edge of the ribbon is stripped, or the ribbon wheel is fluffed or entangled, causing the ribbon wheel to become stuck. In this case, we should first consider opening the printer cover, and then rotating the ribbon and opening the handle. Gently pull it back at the end of the ribbon cassette, and then turn on the power, the machine will automatically restore!

3: The failure of the ribbon wheel drive or breakage can cause friction. The cause of such a result will be caused by the drive belt. You can adjust the position of the character chain to prevent friction. But if it is broken, it should be replaced and replaced completely!

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For some ribbon links, we should really sort out these issues. From the bottom, these are some of the most obvious problems. Any obstacles that appear may actually improve these problems. But many times we really can't grasp these problems, we can only continuously improve or be a status quo content from the most basic problem points! 

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