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New Arrival of Epson Sublimation Printer- Latest Model SureColor F6300

Good news! Good news!

New arrival of Epson F6300 sublimation printer!

The Epson SureColor SC-F6300 is 44-inch digital sublimation printer based on the SC-F6200 printer. Developed for textile manufacturers, photo studios and promotional merchandise companies, the SC-F6300 increases user productivity and reduces downtime. 

Epson sublimation printer

The software bundled with the Epson SC-F6300 printer includes:

1. Epson Edge Print RIP

2. Epson Edge Dashboard Support (including EMX profiles)

3. Epson’s LFP Accounting Tool

These provide the most appropriate level of software support to help businesses run even more efficiently, and better analyse costing and profitability.

The difference between F6300 and F6200:

1. The ink cartridge is changed from 1L to 1.1L.

2. Add a maintenance function module to maintain the warehouse and reduce the wear of the nozzle.

3. Adjust the paper feeder to make the paper filling more supplementary, not crooked.

4. Automatic delivery device selection.

5. The machine comes with software, you can download the curve from the official website, the F6200 can also be used.

6. The print speed increased by 10%. Fine-cut and high-precision printing is the same as the F6200.

Epson sublimation printer


Easy user access and printhead maintenance minimise the need to call an engineer. This reduction in downtime and easy maintenance access keep your business running more efficiently. The enhanced specification of key parts increases product life and ROI

Quicker start-up from delivery. No special tools or specialist knowledge required. The out-of-the-box, easy start-up approach, gets businesses up and running as quickly as possible.

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