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Domestic inkjet printing machine-what is the effect of its ink damper?

Usually in the inkjet photo work, how to let the domestic inkjet printing machine adhere to high efficiency inkjet printing state, usually the maintenance and protection of the photo machine is very important, especially some simple ignore photo machine accessories. Ink damper as a piezoelectric photo machine an important small parts, but also commonly used photo machine vulnerable small parts, although a small parts, easy to let people ignore, but it small parts and large effect, its good and bad directly affect the quality of photo machine printing print picture. What effect does the ink damper of the photo machine have? Why can high-quality inkjet printing escort the photo machine?

Domestic inkjet printing machine

1. Try to gather and print

When using piezoelectric digital textile printers and inkjet printers, the worst thing is to print them every few minutes. If you need to print a lot of things, I suggest that you collect the things you want to print together and print. Every time the machine is started, it is necessary to clean the print head and initialize the printer, and fill the ink delivery system with ink. This process wastes a lot of ink, so try not to frequently engine. 

2.Clean the print head accurately

Most inkjet printing equipment will automatically clean the print head when it is turned on, and it has a button to clean the print head. If the device's active cleaning function is invalid, the print head can be cleaned manually. For manual cleaning, disassemble the print head according to the procedure in the operation manual. A hand-cleaning print head can be covered with a thin rubber tube at the front of the medical syringe, and washed with severely filtered water for washing. Use a magnifying glass to carefully observe the spray holes during flushing. The integrated printhead that has been left unused for a long time will block the nozzles because of dry ink, and can be soaked in hot water before cleaning. Pay attention to the following points when cleaning the print head: (1). Do not clean the print head with sharp objects, do not touch the print head, and do not touch the print head with your hand. (2). Do not disassemble or install the spray head in a charged state. Do not touch the electrical contacts on the spray head with your hands or other objects. (3). The nozzle can be removed from the printer and left alone, and the nozzle cannot be placed in dusty places.

Digital printer

3. Don't replace the ink cartridge immediately

We know that the photo inkjet printing equipment uses an inductive sensor to check the amount of ink in the ink cartridge. The sensor only needs to check that the amount of ink in one color is less than the value set in the printer and prompts to replace the ink cartridge. At this time, you can remove the ink cartridge to reset the internal sensor of the printer, and then determine that a new ink cartridge is installed.

4. Try to minimize cleaning times

In the process of using the equipment, the inkjet head is often blocked, and there are many factors that cause the blockage, such as the working environment of the machine, the quality of the ink, and the time the machine is left on. Because cleaning the inkjet head consumes a lot of ink each time, the number of times to clean the inkjet head should be reduced as much as possible. Of course, when using the machine, care should be taken to use the type specified by the machine manufacturer as much as possible.