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The PASS line of dye sublimation equipment's nozzle is serious, how to do?

Most photo machine users have more or less improper maintenance of the dye sublimation equipment. When we receive more phone calls, the problem is how to solve the serious PASS line of the photo machine nozzle. During the normal use of the sublimation machine, each inking line is air. The ink supply system adopts the principle of siphoning. A small amount of air always exists on the supply ink cartridge, which is to cause the phenomenon of ink self-flow. However, because some sublimation machines are not maintained during the temporary use, the PASS line will appear when they are used again, and the PASS line is particularly serious. 

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How to solve this situation:

1. The inkjet sublimation printer is usually important for maintenance. We must pay attention to the maintenance of the nozzle during the period of use or not in use. After a few days, the machine wipes the nozzle with toilet paper and alcohol. If the blockage is too severe, take down the spray head and soak in the alcohol for a while, and then pump again. Do not soak for too long. What you ca n’t clean is to change the pass number.

2. If you have a serious problem with the PASS line, if you don't want to change the nozzle, but if the effect is good, you can only discard the speed, increase the number of PASS, and change to 8PASS or 10PASS. However, if you want to change the number of PASS, your printing speed will be slower.

In addition, there are differences in the appearance of PASS lines for different brands of photo machines, but in general, the higher the PASS ink dot, the thinner it will be. There are several reasons for the formation of the pass line:

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(1). It is to stop the ink supply. The easiest way to solve the ink breakage in the photo machine is to check whether the ink is sticky first, and then check whether the nozzle is clogged. If both are normal, then there is something wrong with your machine and you need to find a professional to repair or replace it with a new one.

(2). The step is inaccurate, in fact, the appearance of the digital textile sublimation printer can be solved by adjusting the step value.

(3). It is a shallow road, in fact, the shallow road is a card application problem. When this kind of problem occurs, you need to find a professional to solve it. Do not repair it yourself, so as not to make it worse.