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Textile printer's cleaning effect is not good after stopping ink supply, how to do?

We all know that temperature has a great influence on the stability of the ink of the textile printer. When the temperature is higher than 33 degrees or the temperature is lower than 5 degrees, it is recommended to turn on the air conditioner to use the machine. Good use of its benefits.

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Every time the cleaning effect of digital printing machine is very good, but once printing starts, there will be a large area of ink supply in a certain color. Generally, if you continue to print, a row of nozzles will completely light off. This situation is most likely caused by a leak in the ink sac. You need to check the interface between the copper sleeve and the O-ring. If the broken ink nozzle is on the edge of the nozzle, you need to check whether the ink stack cap and the nozzle do not completely match. The ink can be sucked off during cleaning, but the ink is broken due to insufficient ink supply.

1. There is a break in ink for a period of time after printing starts, but there are not many nozzles for broken ink, mainly in one color. This phenomenon is mainly caused by large bubbles in the front end of the ink cartridge or the ink tube. You need to check if there are a lot of air bubbles in the ink tube.

2. The cleaning effect is not good, and the cleaning effect is not good. It is mainly reflected in that there are always broken inks in each cleaning, and the ink supply is not fixed. The ink absorption effect is not good. It appears that instead of ink, a large number of air bubbles come out of the waste ink tube. When the above situation occurs, the ink stack and the position of the ink stack cap need to be readjusted to achieve a better cleaning effect. If there are a lot of air bubbles in the waste ink tube during cleaning, it is proved that there is air leakage between the ink stack cap and the nozzle.

3. After turning on, the ink stack clicks to turn in one direction and emits a continuous clicking sound, which may be caused by the wiper sensor not detecting the baffle or the damage of the wiper sensor signal line loose.

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After the inkjet printer is turned on, the R pump will start working continuously and will not stop. In this case, consider whether the cleaning plate is faulty. Replace the cleaning plate. At the same time, when the wiper motor keeps turning and still makes a sound, it is also likely that the cleaning plate is faulty. After cleaning, the R pump will always work and will not stop. This situation is also caused by the failure of the cleaning plate.