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Photo machine-what are the factors affecting the quality of its printed pictures

In the daily photo machine printing and printing output, the following three problems may directly affect the print quality of the inkjet printer for the good or bad output picture quality.

Photo machine

The first problem: the difference between different brands of printing machine printing equipment.

In the advertising printing equipment market, there are two types of inkjet printing machines, one is a thermal foam photo printer, and the other is a piezoelectric photo mprinter. The accuracy of the thermal printing machine is not high, and the printed effect is suitable for viewing from a long distance. If it is viewed from a close distance, you can clearly see that the so-called grain is obvious, that is, the pixels are not high. And the piezoelectric photo printer, 1440DPI high-precision printing, the printed screen is more detailed and clear, can be used for portrait photos, etc., due to different types of equipment, there will be differences in print quality. If there is a difference under the same equipment, there are also differences in different brand models. At present, the market has also experienced a quality two-level differentiation phenomenon. The pressure of cost and competition has caused some brands of inkjet printers to have uneven quality, which is mainly reflected in the performance of the photo printer. Stability or cut-offs in configuration, of course, will directly affect the print quality of the device. Therefore, when choosing a printer, it is best to choose a well-known brand.

The second question: the impact of consumables related to printers.

What is mentioned here is the main consumables of the digital textile printer, such as inks, printing media materials, water-based inks and weak solvent inks have different print quality. Then, different machines use different manufacturers' inks, and the ink-related manufacturers and brands are different. The ingredients used are also different. Of course, the colors are also different in depth and light. The ink curves adjusted on different printing machines are also different. Therefore, the quality of the printed picture will also be affected. In terms of printing consumables, the quality of the materials and different materials have different printing results. If printing materials such as inkjet cloth, adhesive tape, light film, etc., the effects are also very different, and sometimes the storage of materials Not good. The material is affected by humidity and temperature. For example, if the material is wet, the print quality will be affected.

The third question: the impact of the operator's level of operation.

The level of operation technology, whether in the early color correction printing or in the later docking process, can affect the final effect of inkjet. Because, the Nanjing Feiyue manufacturers suggested that the relevant inkjet companies should continue to provide targeted technical training to employees so that the inkjet work can better meet the various needs of customers. Generally speaking, skilled employees can call up richer colors and chase more accurate color values in a limited color range. This will undoubtedly provide us with the most powerful technical support for creating more colorful and creative outdoor advertising. Therefore, we emphasize that when there is a problem with print quality, the importance of the technical level and experience of the operator is directly reflected.

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Most of the above three issues affect the quality of the printout of the large format inkjet printer. However, in order to better output high-quality advertising screens, we should use high-quality printers and related ink supplies whenever possible.