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Why We Recommend Customer to Use Original Sublimation Ink?

There are many benefits if we use original sublimation ink for sublimation printer, especially for brand inks such as Epson and Mimaki. However, some users purchase inferior inks for the sake of cheapness, which may damage printer function, so we recommend users to use original ink.

original sublimation ink

Although many customer has used the genuine sublimation ink from brand printers’ manufacturer, there are still many manufacturers have to comsider the production cost, and purchase a lower-priced ink on the market. However, since these inks are not original in high purity and have a large amount of impurities, they often face clogging failures in subsequent use.

Actually, compared with sublimation printing ink, the price of a print head is far more experience. In order to only save one or two hundred dollars, use the ink sold by small manufacturers, it will block the nozzle, causing the interruption of printing. Even more, it will directly lead to the retirement of the equipment.

original sublimation ink

Therefore, we often remind the sublimation printers users: the harm to the nozzle of using the inferior ink is very serious. Burning the nozzle not only affects the printing effect, but also increases operating costs and damage to the printing equipment.

It is not worth to buying inferior ink and causing serious damage to the equipment. The use of non-manufacturer ink is not able to enjoy the after-sales service provided by the manufacturer, the use of other ink caused by the damage of the printer, is the user's own responsibility, so that the use of the product is not guaranteed. So if the user has no way to ensure the quality of the replacement ink, it should better to use the initial sublimation ink.