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Large format piezoelectric inkjet printer-some solutions when it has special problems

The large format piezoelectric inkjet printer has now become an indispensable part of office equipment and one of the computer output devices. Those who are familiar with the operation of photo machines can solve some common problems or minor problems. But for some abnormal faults, we may not know how to deal with them.

Large format piezoelectric inkjet printer

The following solutions to special fault conditions:

1. Clicking the "Print" button does not respond. This situation occurs. Many people think that it is a problem with the photo machine. In fact, it may be caused by your printing software. This phenomenon occurs for our users. It turns out that there are many tasks waiting in the print queue of the photo machine. Because there are too many print tasks, the cache cannot accept new tasks. The best solution is to restart the computer so that the contents of the print cache are automatically lost (make sure that the contents of the print task list are useless).

2. Color misregistration is that the digital inkjet printer printed color is very  different from the color in the computer. The main reason for this phenomenon is caused by improper software settings or the printer driver version is too low, and there is also a correction problem, the correction screen display is consistent with the actual printing effect. The correction method is different for different printing software. You can open the printer options to set it.

3. Some jet printing functions cannot be used normally, more and more inkjet printers are on the market, and hardware equipment and software systems have also been upgraded. If the user does not know it, they mistakenly believe that there is something wrong with the photo machine itself. For example, there are photo machines with image printing or poster printing. In this state, you can print good results. If the user does not understand the functions and the printed product is different, the user may think that it is caused by color cast or ink quality problems, so everyone should know the functions of your photo machine in detail.

Digital printer

4. The inkjet printing machine has no ink, and the ink indicator shows that there is no ink when printing under the state that there is still ink. Many people suspect that the ink nozzles are clogged, and some people think there are problems with other parts of the photo machine. In fact, this failure is related to the user's settings. When the user uses the ink cartridge for the first time, the printer should be set to the most provincial state, so this situation will not occur.