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Sublimation plotter -causes for the decrease in color adhesion of its images

Humid air affects the performance of the sublimation plotter and consumables at the same time. The most obvious performance is that the picture is wet and the adhesion is reduced. Therefore, it is necessary to use and maintain the photo machine in wet weather.

Sublimation plotter

Precautions for using the printer in wet weather, please note the following:

1. Pay attention to the tide in the working environment space of the dye sublimation printing machine, and close the ventilation openings such as doors and windows in the morning and at night to prevent outside moisture from being drawn into the room.

2. The housing of the main body of the photo machine should be covered to avoid short circuit caused by the air humidity.

3. The storage of relevant printing media materials should be protected from moisture. The printing media is prone to absorb moisture and get wet, and the wet photo materials can easily cause the ink to spread. Therefore, the photo materials should be put back into the original packaging after each use, and try not to touch the ground and walls.

4. The ink on the printed image screen of the inkjet sublimation printer dries slowly. Due to the humid weather, the screen dries slowly and requires a long wait. It is recommended that users turn on the photo printer's heating function or the photo dryer's related drying equipment, so as to speed up the drying of the image screen. In particular, when the user needs to cover the screen, they need to wait for the film to dry completely. If the film is immediately covered, the picture will be blurred, you can use a hair dryer, heater, etc. for local heating and drying.

5. If possible, it is recommended to use an exhaust fan in the working environment of the photo machine, or turn on the air-conditioning dehumidification mode. If the moisture is too heavy, put some hygroscopic agent in the room.

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Doing such precautions and maintaining the large format sublimation printer in wet weather will not only help improve work efficiency, but also help extend the life of the photo machine and improve print quality.