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Dye-sub printer-what are the factors affecting the transmission of its data

In the daily dye-sub printer printing work, the computer RIP software performs data processing on the pictures, and then transmits data through the computer and the photo machine. If the photo machine prints slowly, many factors often lie in the problem of data transmission between the online computer and the photo machine.

 Dye-sub printer

The following factors affect the data transmission between the computer and the printer:

1.The computer configuration is not high or the computer operating system responds slowly, the RIP software data cache space is small, the computer operating system is infected with malicious code viruses, etc., causing the data transmission to be interrupted or slow. In response to this problem, you can try to replace the computer with online test printing, perform a virus check on the computer operating system, and reinstall the relevant RIP 

2. The problem of the data cable between the sublimation transfer printer and the computer connection. For example, a USB interface photo machine uses USB data for online data transmission. A USB data cable that is over-connected or of poor quality will affect the data transmission problem of the photo machine when printing. If it is a photo machine with a network interface, please check the online network cable, whether the crystal head of the network cable is in good contact, and whether the order is correct. Often, the incorrect order of the network cable and the crystal head are not stuck, will affect data transmission, especially the transmission of large data It will make the photo machine print very slowly, and even the data transmission is incomplete and interrupted. Therefore, when the user connects the photo machine to the computer, please use a good quality USB data cable or a shielded network cable.

3. The driver related to the printer should be installed correctly, and the driver for USB must be installed for the photo machine with USB interface. The network interface of the photo machine is connected to the IP settings according to the online installation instructions provided by the manufacturer.

4. Please use the integrated network card or external PCI network card for the photo machine for network connection. Do not use the USB external network card. Because the USB external network card prints online when the photo machine is online, there will be a data transmission freeze, the photo machine prints slowly, and the two sides stop.

5. Problems with the data control board of the photo machine, such as the damage of the main board, the high temperature of the main board, and the failure of related electronic components on the main board due to the high temperature, which will affect the data transmission between the computer and the photo machine.

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The above items are easy to cause the large format sublimation printing machine to cause data transmission problems between the computer and the photo machine in the process of inkjet printing.