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UV inkjet printer-how to protect pictures printed by it in the sun

For ink-jet pictures, outdoor exposure of UV inkjet printers will cause the colors of the pictures to quickly lose fullness and water, making the pictures yellow, faded, and dry. Most of these conditions are caused by ultraviolet rays, which damage the ink structure. Especially for unprotected dye (DYE) inks, only 10 hours of exposure will destroy the color of the screen.

UV inkjet printer

In this case, how to protect the large format UV printer from drawing pictures under the sun? We can actually use the following three methods:

1. UV printing machines need to purchase qualified inks and printing materials, especially pigment inks for outdoor large-scale inkjet printing.

2. Protect the painting surface of the UV printer by the anti-ultraviolet film.

3. Try to choose to post the picture in a backlight or a place where it will not be exposed to direct sunlight.

In order to protect the picture of the UV printer, we must try to achieve the above three points and be prepared for replacement.

UV printer

Lamination is also a late method often used by wide format UV printers to draw pictures, also known as lamination. The chemicals used in the film can absorb or isolate ultraviolet rays and prolong the vividness of the screen.

When laminating, please check that the printing material cannot be used under fluorescence. If the printing material uses an optical brightening substance to increase the brightness of the white background, it absorbs ultraviolet light and reflects the blue light energy again, and can correct the yellow color of the substrate to make it whiter. If your UV-blocking film blocks UV rays directed at this substrate, the white areas in your picture will be slightly yellow.

Outdoor direct sunlight is very harmful. In order to avoid direct sunlight, you can choose a shaded or blocked place. Try not to make the painting surface of the UV printer directly exposed to sunlight, which can effectively reduce the damage of ultraviolet rays.