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Textile printer-how to solve the problem of its ghosting and image misalignment

In the process of using a textile printer, it is a common failure to print ghosting and misalignment of text and images. This article will share two tips for easily solving ghosting and misalignment of photo printer printing.

The wide format digital printing machine is the same as our daily office printer. It can achieve a highly restored image in the advertising inkjet printout. If the user has no problem in operation and selection, if the print ghost and misalignment occur, then the user can find the source of the problem and solve it by the following methods.

Textile printer

Steps to check the printer:

1. Check whether the raster of the photo machine is the same as that under normal working conditions. Because the raster is the key to positioning the image and cannot tolerate a little bit of dirt, if it is detected, it needs to be cleaned, especially in daily use of the photo machine. Affected by space dust and other ink marks, the good use of the grating is affected. Therefore, the user can clean the grating and then perform the print test. If the grating is defective, it can also be replaced with a new one.

2. Check whether the trolley where the photo nozzle is located is not moving smoothly. The movement of the trolley of the photo machine is the key to controlling the nozzle to accurately position the inkjet. If there is a situation such as jamming caused by excessive resistance during the movement, the inkjet will appear disorderly, and the printed image will be disordered or ghosted. At this time, it is necessary to check whether the gaskets, copper sleeves, etc. of the trolley are foreign objects or are seriously worn. After cleaning, remember to add a little lubricating oil to solve them successfully.

Digital printer
The multifunctional and stable digital inkjet printer is a large format printout device that users are currently very welcome. Not only does the photo machine with good stability make it more convenient and simple for you to use, but it can also avoid large and small faults in the printing process that affect work.