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Sublimation Printing Paper-Do You Know the Correct Using Methods?

What is sublimation printing paper? Various patterns are printed on a special kind of paper with special heat transfer ink, and then transferred to the product through temperature and pressure. This special paper in the heat transfer process is called sublimation paper.

sublimation printing paper

Sublimation printing is a printing process in which dyes are transferred to the fabric by sublimation transfer paper. It is based on the sublimation characteristics of some disperse dye in 150 ~ 230 disperse dye sublimation, mix it with slurry to make "color ink". The "color ink" is printed on transfer paper according to different design requirements and then put the transfer paper and fabric with patterns close contact, in a certain temperature, pressure and time control, through the internal diffusion into the fabric, so as to achieve the goal of coloring.

Digital sublimation paper use method

1.Use the computer to process the pictures that need to be printed

2.Use the printer to print the patterns on the paper.

3.Use the heat transfer printing machine to print on fabrics and other materials, complete the process of heat transfer printing.

sublimation printing paper

Sublimation printing process

When we use dye sublimation paper. The process is as follows:

Through computer design -- computer color separation -- electric carved version -- rotary gravure printing to heat transfer paper -- heat transfer processing to polyester chemical fiber fabric, TC cloth, long pile fabric, artificial leather and other materials.

Compared with the traditional silk screen printing, sublimation printing has greatly improved the richness of patterns, clarity of layers, vivid colors, environmental protection, washable, sunfast and handfeel. It is a popular printing and dyeing process highly praised and advanced in the 21st century.